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Author : orgin
Article ID : 24
Audience : Default
Version 1.00.23
Published Date: 2008/2/20 9:11:57
Reads : 4079

1. Preparations

1.1. Downloading required packages
OWB archive: Download
libicu: Download
libSDL: Download (Shared object)
XAD 7z module: Download
sobjs.lha: download

1.2. - Fetching the optional fonts:
Copy all #?.ttf files from a windows machine from c:\windows\fonts\ to your Amiga
Or just Download them. (All .exe files)
Also download corefonts.lha Download

2. Installation

2.1. Installing XAD 7z module
For some weird reason the author of the OS4 port of OWB decided to use an archive format that isn't by default supported by the UnArc as distributed through the OS4 install CD. This requires that you download a new XAD module for this archive format so that UnArc can handle it.

- Download the XAD 7z archive from the link above.
- Open the archive with unarc and extract it to ram:
- Open your Ram: drive and double click on "Install" in the xad_7z directory
- Once the install script is done, reboot your machine

2.2 Installing OWB
- Download the OWB archive using the link above.
- Open the archive with unarc and extract it into your desired directory.

2.3 Installing libicu
- Download the libicu archive using the link above.
- Open the archive with unarc and extract the two #?.so files into sobjs:

2.4 installing libSDL
- Go to the libSDL page above and download the shared object version of SDL.
- Open the archive with unarc and extract it into RAM:
- Copy the libSDL-1.2.so file from the SDL-#? directory in RAM: to sobjs:

2.4 installing sobjs.lha
- Download sobjs.lha using the link avove
- Open the archive with unarc and extract it into RAM:
- Copy the #?.so files in ram:SObjs to sobjs:

2.5 Installing fonts (Optional)

Installing the extra fonts isn't strictly necessary but it will make pages look somewhat better than using the fallback font(s).

If you have installed these fonts before you need to remove them from fonts: and fonts:_TrueType before proceeding.

If you downloaded the #?.exe files mentioned in the first chapter:
- Open each of the exe files in unarc and extract all #?.TTF files to fonts:_TrueType


- Open wd97vwr32.exe in unarc and extract "Viewer1.cab" to RAM:
- Open ram:Viewer1.cab in unarc and extract "tahoma.ttf" to fonts:_TrueType

If you copied the fonts from a windows machine, just copy the #?.ttf files to fonts:_TrueType

- Download corefonts.lha.
- Open corefonts.lha in unarc and extract it to RAM:
- Copy all #?.otag and #?.font files from ram:fonts to fonts:
- Reboot your machine and start OWB.

3. Troubleshooting

- On some sites OWB complains about Tahoma Bold font, you can download this font here http://www.webpagepublicity.com/free-fonts-t.html

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