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OWB (and etc.), youtube, flv, playback
Posted by Jack on 2009/5/31 20:18:20 (2356 reads)

This article is a brief walkthrough of a simple way to watch youtube videos while browsing with OWB under OS4.x (or any other browser, under any other OS that meets the requirements)

1. python (version >= 2.4)
2. youtube-dl python script by Ricardo Garcia Gonzalez, at the time of writing this available here
3. mplayer (os4.x port is availabe at OS4Depot)

1. Navigate to the pag e of video of your choice
2. Copy the url
3. In shell run:

python full/path/to/youtube-dl "URL"

where URL is the previously copied video address including the double quotes
Useful parameter to youtube-dl: "-o filename.flv" will explicitly specify the output file.
4. Watch the progress, if download gets stuck: signal the python with ctrl-c, "c:break" , Steven Solies "Ranger" utility or other mean of your choice, and then repeat the download. People with sharp eyesight will notice the url of the video and might try download the files that stuck frequently using successive "wget -c" with proper argument specifying the output file ("-O" with capital O)
5. In shell or using mplayer or mplayer's GUI by Daniel Westerberg play the result of the download
6. Useful mplayer options:
. a. esperiment with "-mc 0" or "-mc 10" in cases of out-of-sync audio/video
. b. "-vf expand=::::::n" where n is 4 or 8 or 16 or 32 in case of distorted image (this will expand the dimensions of the video to mutiples of "n" in each direction). Other fix to the problem is to use "-vo sdl" option to specify SDL-based video rendering (which will in turn automatically "expand" the dimension of the video when choosing the best suitale screen-mode for the full-screen playback)
7. Delete th downloaded video file if not needed anymore.


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