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Software News : Jack 2.4 now available
Posted by djrikki on 2011/11/10 7:06:13 (460 reads) News by the same author
Software News

Jack 2.4 is now available

Download/Installation instructions:

* Existing Users - Simply start your current version of Jack as normal and when prompted click the confirmation button to proceed with the download**. Open the Installation Drawer and click on the Install Jack icon - after that simply select the location where you already have Jack installed and the installation is complete.

** Once Jack has left OS4Depot's Upload queue.

* New Users - Visit OS4Depot and type Jack in the search box. Installation is simple, just press the Install Jack icon and select a location where you would like Jack to be installed. Jack will now appear on your Dockbar.


Users can enjoy Jack on their Workbench all the time if they wish, simply press F6 inside Jack's Commodity Window and select WBStartup - alternatively open up your system disk and select the Prefs drawer. Next click the Add button, find and double-click Jack and then save.

So what's new in Jack 2.4? A couple of new additions, noticibly the Calendar window which can be themed and also native textfields throughout the application - amongst the bugfixes - users running on a resolution of 1024x768 now have access to the App-Store. Here is the official changelog:


* Server: The log-in problem associated with the App-Store has been corrected. Existing users will have to sign-up
again as old accounts have been removed as it is understood that the bug has been present for some time.

* Native textfields added through Jack's many interfaces.

* App-Store: Removed Storage overview feature, it proved much too slow.

* Global: Third-party application detection routine has been updated again, APPDIR: is checked first and if
still not found - for a select number of applications another common/usual location is checked. Configuration
window has been updated to reflect these changes.

* Global: Excluding the http:// handler in the File Manager, all other Url requests now have OpenURL Support if available.

* Calculator: Updated to open below the Commodity Window at the correct position. However, does not auto-snap
when Calendar Window is opened/closed.

* Currency Converter: The Currencies button will now open the associated text file.

* Commodity Window: SideBar and Calendar window can be hidden. Changes are saved automatically.

* AppStore: Now supports users running on a 1024x768 resolution as originally intended.

* Capture Screen: Now passes through the File Manager to reach the Image Editor.
Removes all associated 'CloseWindow' crashes.

* Consolidated Window, Drag and Drop, DropFile and Keyboard event-handling into a new
p_InstallEventHandler() function.

* Further modulisation of core components within the source code.

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Author Thread
Published: 2011/11/14 0:27  Updated: 2011/11/14 0:29
Quite a regular
Joined: 05/16/2010
From: Grimsby, UK
Comments: 914
 Re: Jack 2.4 now available
Jack 2.5 now available on OS4Depot.




* Commodity Window: Fixed display of the tooltip text when the Icon Toolbar
isn't in display.

* Commodity Window: Can now be closed to leave the Calendar Window open.

* Calendar Window: It is now possible to move through the months of the year.

* Calendar Window: New icon to toggle the display of the Commodity Window.

* Calendar Background Window: Selecting the top right icon will make the
Calendar window transparent and borderless. Its not true transparency, but if
Jack is installed in your WBStartup you'd never know the difference.
Published: 2011/11/16 19:07  Updated: 2011/11/16 19:07
Quite a regular
Joined: 07/23/2007
Comments: 574
 Re: Jack 2.4 now available
I don't appear to have the calendar anymore since upgrading to 2.5.
Published: 2011/11/16 19:36  Updated: 2011/11/16 19:36
Quite a regular
Joined: 07/23/2007
Comments: 574
 Re: Jack 2.4 now available
Deleted the original folder and reinstalled.
All working again.

There is a new version of AOrganiser available.
Do you still plan to link the two?

Published: 2011/11/18 2:06  Updated: 2011/11/18 2:07
Quite a regular
Joined: 05/16/2010
From: Grimsby, UK
Comments: 914
 Re: Jack 2.4 now available
Yes I still plan to do that, I spotted a bug in AOrganiser that required fixing by Broadblues - it may have or may not have caused problems in adding events by the Arexx port - either way its been fixed now by him now. Thanks Andy.
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