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Software News : ShowFiles (SF) 0.941 released
Posted by Marko on 2014/1/27 20:03:53 (441 reads) News by the same author
Software News

ShowFiles (SF) is yet another DIR command (written in C). It displays a sorted
and text-formatted list of files, drawers (dirs) and soft/hard-links on disk or
other storage medium. It will also display their additional information such as
size, date, possible comment, executable header type (68k or PPC program),
protection-bits, etc, etc.


It supports a number of different options/switches, after installation in the
Shell, please type "sf HELP" (or "sf --help") for listing all options/switches.
Or look in the .doc-file in the archive.

Download: ShowFiles at OS4Depot

- Abbreviated as SF or just sf, fast and easy to type in the shell.
- Dirs/drawers are displayed in blue color (pen 3).
- Hard/Softlinks are displayed underscored (underlined).
- Shows where any Hard/Softlinks points to.
- Possible comments are displayed in italic.
- Displays the "primitive" file type of files.
- Fetches and identifies executable headers. 68k, PPC (ELF), EXE, among others.
- Displays the Amiga file protection bits of files.
- Shows free disk space and sizes in KiB (1024), kB (1000) and bytes.
- Options for sorting by size and time/date.
- Option for reversing the output list.
- Options for displaying only files, dirs or links. Or intermix them.
- Option for only listing m680x0 (68k) executables (AmigaOS 3.x).
- Option for only listing PowerPC (PPC) executables (ELF headers).
- (BETA) ALL option for showing all files and dirs in directories and subdirs.
- Option to "trail" files with an initial character ('/', '*' or (at)-char).
- Possibility to specify a path to display.
- Shows OwnerUID, OwnerGID, UseCount and ObjectID (as reported by DOS).
- Supports multiple formats of options/switches (f.ex: TIME --time -t /T).
- Supports automatic updates through AmiUpdate.
- Written (in C) and developed on Amiga for Amiga.

Special notes for this release
- ALL option is in BETA.
- This release was focused on stability and error handling.
- CHANGE: All one-single-letter options such as a, -m, /P are now case
sensitive, where as non-single-letter options are not. Reason for this
is because available free letters are becomming scarce for more options.
- Changed single letter option h to ?, because of above reason.
- ADDED: 68K, --68k, -6 and /6 option(s) for only listing all 68k executables.
- ADDED: PPC, --ppc, -P and /P option(s) for only listing all PPC (ELF)

Version 0.941: (Jan 2014)
- AmiUpdate fix, AutoInstall file included again, it did escape for some
mysterious reason ( ;) ) in the last archive. (Thanks zzd10h)
- Option for showing the manual has been removed (since it's ever growing)
and at least 10 KiB (20%) has been shaved off the ShowFiles executable. See
the .doc file instead in the archive or SYS:Documentation/C/ShowFiles.doc.
- Fixes in readme/documentation, some last minute typos did crawl into the
last upload.
Version 0.940: (Jan 2014)
- Bugfix for DSI crash in option ALL, reported by Guillaume Boesel (zzd10h),
resulting in a total rewrite of the ALL-option specific part.
- Fixed bug, row-break/new-line issue in the footer.
- Much improved error handling and stability with more graceful exit.
- In addition to above, fixed/updated several error-messages, numbered them
as well for referencing purpose.
- Added 68K, --68k, -6 and /6 option(s) for only listing all 68k executables.
- Added PPC, --ppc, -P and /P option(s) for only listing all PPC (ELF)
- CHANGE: All one single letter options such as a, -m, /? are now case
sensitive, where as non-single-letter options are not. This is because
available free letters for more options are becomming scarce.
- Changed single letter option h to ? (because of above reason).
- Added get_verstag function for returning the VERSTAG.
- Comments in output are now in italic black on grey for better visibility.
- Output header now in bold on grey for better visibility.
- Output footer now in italic for better visibility.
- Dirs in output are now also in bold for better visibility.
- Other minor bugfixes and further fixes and typos in readme/documentation.
Version 0.930: (Jan 2014)
- ALL option added, for displaying all subdirectories and their items.
- File installation structure changed, no dir with extra files copied to C:
or anywhere else anymore.
- Changed so "PPC" is shown rather than "elf" in dir listings.
- Compiled with the latest updated SDK (version 53.24).
- Typos and minor fixes in readme/documentation.
Version 0.923: (Dec 2013)
- Bugfix regarding links not being underlined or marked in output. (PS: That
bug was kind of hard to track and hunt down but now resolved ;) )
- File comments and link arrows now also in white (pen 2).
- More bugfixes in AutoInstall, Install and UnInstall scripts.
Version 0.922: (Dec 2013)
- Bugfixes in AutoInstall, Install and UnInstall scripts.
- Minor typos in readme fixed.
Version 0.921: (Jan 2013)
- Moved AutoInstall to the root.
Version 0.92: (Dec 2012)
- Fixed bug, "Total size listed is always 0 in the footer."
- Fixed the AutoInstall, there were some unknown parameters (oops).
- Changed the footer info so files and dirs are separate, and items is the
total of those, among other minor there in the footer.


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Author Thread
Published: 2014/1/29 8:27  Updated: 2014/1/29 8:27
Quite a regular
Joined: 02/09/2009
From: Brussels Belgium
Comments: 861
 Re: ShowFiles (SF) 0.941 released
Powerfull and good looking, congratulations

I like the easy change of date formats.

How about still adding a LFORMAT possibility though ? For use in scripts this is verry usefull.

I would also prefer to have date and time info (as standard) preceding all other info (for easy sorting purposes of saved output) . an LFormat possibility would lessen the priority of this suggestion.
Published: 2014/1/30 2:09  Updated: 2014/1/30 2:09
Not too shy to talk
Joined: 09/20/2008
From: Gothenburg, Sweden
Comments: 251
 Re: ShowFiles (SF) 0.941 released
Thank you JosDuchIt


It is planned that the three leftmost columns in the *default* "view" (in top-left image) is removed. Doing so makes the date and time info preceding the type, size and name.
Would this furfil the "sorting purposes of saved output" requirement?

Or do you want date and time preceding the information on EVERY "view" (in *default*, MORE and CLARIFY)?

Either way, the LFORMAT option is planned and is on the TODO list...
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