Jack 2.0 Released - NEW Google Currency Converter and lots more

Date 2011/10/5 22:39:57 | Topic: Software News

Jack 2.0 Released - NEW Google Currency Converter and lots more

Whats new in 2.0?

* Google Currency Converter
* You can now submit your own contributions to the 'Learn and get the most out of your Amiga' A-Z dictionary - GET INVOLVED NOW!
* Using the keyboard will now give visual feedback aka buttons will depress and icons will toggle
* Numerous bug fixes across the board and code optimisations
* See the readme for a full list

What can I do with Jack

* Download applications directly from OS4Depot using Jack's Appstore
* Sign-up today and RATE your favourite software in the AppStore
* Take screen shots
* Crop, Rotate, add Watermarks and batch process your images
* Quick Access to AmigaOS Preferences
* Smart, tiny Commodity based window showing Weather Forecast for your location
* Iconify the Commodity window to your desktop as well if you so wish
* Spotlight-like calculator
* Multiview-like launcher
* Glorious full-screen slideshow mode, simply drag an image drawer over Jack
* Interactive File Finder, delete, add comment or rename directly from Search Results or Export Search results
* Word-Net Ready
* JackTunes (coming soon)
* Fully comprehensive File Manager which can even be called from the command line or used as a replacement to ASL requesters
* Learn and get the most out of your Amiga - A-Z dictionary of Amiga technology and software recommendations

Thanks to everyone for your support, suggestions, bug reports and general feedback.

Download from http://www.os4depot.net/index.php?fun ... tility/workbench/jack.lha

*AND FINALLY.. A user mentioned problems with changing their password - please PM me and confirm your email address so I can wipe your account so you can get going again. Sorry, I haven't dedicated time to see what caused this to happen. All I can suggest at this point is that you stick to generic Alphanumeric characters in your password.

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