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Re: Getting Napalm to run on AmigaOS 4.1.2?

Subject: Re: Getting Napalm to run on AmigaOS 4.1.2?
by alfkil on 2011/7/19 17:27:26


I have only gotten so far as to remove a few DSI's at the beginning when the game starts up. Some of the problem seems to be the dignet.library, which means that I have turned off network support for the time being. I do have the entire network driver "interpreted", so writing a new driver should be "trivial".

Now, Reth seems to have been able to get as far as to get the game actually starting on his peg2. I'm not so lucky here on my SAM, the game gets stuck right after the big "NAPALM" banner in the beginning. But I'm getting there... I'm thinking another week, and I'll have the game starting up and removed all DSI's.

Now, if that is true, the only problem remaining would be the "reversed order of pixels" (or "muffled" graphics), which I am not able to solve at the moment. The problem lies with the two functions




both in the rtgmaster.library. I can substitute the one for the other with same result, but they both seem to have the problem. If this problem is not fixed in at the root, I can only solve the problem by rewriting everything to use, say, picasso96, and I really don't want to do that...


About the endian thing: It is true, that both m68k and ppc are big endian, but what about the graphics hardware? Does it maybe have different features?? Also it might be signifficant, that the game is using CHUCKY graphics mode, the rtg demos that comes with the library all seem to use hi or truecolor modes.
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