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Re: Getting Napalm to run on AmigaOS 4.1.2?

Subject: Re: Getting Napalm to run on AmigaOS 4.1.2?
by kas1e on 2011/7/19 17:37:16


Sounds like you fix all the problems already :) Btw, what the problem was with "stuck right after the big "NAPALM" banner" ? Just in some technical interest to know what the differneces in that terms beetwen sam and peg2 :)

So, except the corrupted graphics game already works with sound and so on ?:)

About those WriteRtgPixelArray and CopyRtgBlit functions, all what i have in mind right now : its just read the description of them in autodocs, and just rewrite them on WritePixelArray and CopyBlit (and so, we even can avoid rtgmaster.library, which are 68k as i understand? )


About the endian thing: It is true, that both m68k and ppc are big endian, but what about the graphics hardware? Does it maybe have different features?? Also it might be signifficant, that the game is using CHUCKY graphics mode, the rtg demos that comes with the library all seem to use hi or truecolor modes.

From other side napalm works on voodoo3 cards as far as i remember on a1200/mediator ? They should be "almost the same" as radeons on our sams/pegs/a1s in terms of working with bytes.

But that "CHUNKY" stuff can be problem imho .. Maybe you can try to write some small example , which use those WriteRTGPixelArray and CopyRtgBlit with the same code logic as Napalm code do ? So maybe we even can found a bug in os4 component and can report it as well
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