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Re: Getting Napalm to run on AmigaOS 4.1.2?

Subject: Re: Getting Napalm to run on AmigaOS 4.1.2?
by alfkil on 2011/7/23 16:33:54

But when blitting always the entire screen shouldn't this be really slow?

Actually for a 640x480 screen this should be quite fast. The thing that slows down is, that the actual game rendering (to the render buffer, which is then blitted to the screen) is entirely CPU based. On my 68040 25 MHz machine, the game is almmost unplayably slow in 640x480 mode. This should be no problem however on a newer machine.

The second point is the GFX scrambling on Peg2 with Radeon 9200 which does not happen on A4000 with CVPPC. When blitting the way you told what can cause these scramblings on Peg2?

Obviously there is some problem with 8bit CHUNKY screenmodes in rtgmaster.library on sam/peg2/aone. When using graphics.library function WritePixelArray8() everything works just fine.

I have managed to redirect every rtgmaster call to intuition and graphics libraries, and it quite effectively solves the problem with scrambled graphics. It wasn't that hard to do, since the rtmaster calls resembles the equivalent system calls quite closely. Now all that is left to do is sound and mouse/keyboard input. Oh and network also.
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