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Re: Still interested in Huno's games ?

Subject: Re: Still interested in Huno's games ?
by ChrisH on 2014/8/7 21:44:16

I don't really have time for playing Amiga games these days (maybe I will eventually), but some of HunoPPC's ports were very nice (I tend to prefer bigger & more well-known games, rather than small/obscure ones).

Probably I'm most likely to be interested in 3D ones, but there are currently difficulties with 3D on X1000 (while my Sam440 is a bit too underpowered).

Allowing for that, I would have been most interested in:
* Q3Rally
* Return to Castle Wolfenstein (RTCW)
So it's sad that both are listed as "cancelled" :-/

I have to agree - the website is a bit of a nightmare. It basically appears to be one huge page. For a start, the listed games should be organised by type, e.g. shoot-em'up, platformer, puzzle. Maybe also keep 3D & 2D games separate (maybe still on same page). While non-games should be on their own pages. I didn't even know there were any forums! I think simple reorganisation would be a big improvement (I suggest a single vertical menu listing all pages, making sure to split listed software into page for each 'type').

Also the games appeared to be listed in a random order, even 'new' & 'old' are mixed-up. Maybe put them in chronological order, with newest at the top? Or else alphabetical.
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