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Re: Still interested in Huno's games ?

Subject: Re: Still interested in Huno's games ?
by Lio on 2014/8/9 13:24:33

* Are you still interested in gaming projects from Huno?
yes, we need fresh blood !

* Do you play Huno's game ?
I use to but not that much at the moment (lack of time and)

* What could refrain you from playing or using Huno's games/apps ?
as all others said already, power is whats missing although Huno is doing its best to support all AOS4 platforms but ala, he can not do miracles for microaone and lower specs aka Sam-EP.

To tell the truth, I am not playing much these days on AOS4.1 because if I want to play serious games, I have a pc and a Wii for that.
My AmigaOne is used for all the rest and because of the limitation of the OS, what we get is mostly ports with limitations, that run much better on other OS.
I bought Huno's DVD bundle, 1941extremeDX, Battle Squadron DX and MACE so a majority of shmups with very little re playability.

I dont subscribe to "the more the better", we better get a few quality games than hundreds of ports half working (and remember that lots of open source engines of liberated games are unfinished).
What we need is quality, unique and new games but we all know that will not materialize anytime soon (few devs, lack of time and motivation, lacks of decent hardware acceleration).

I will support games from Huno (and others) as much as I can and as long as it is fun and FBA is a great move because you get litterally hundreds (even thousands) of games from a single exe, although these are old games for retrogamers and FBA is again a port.

Huno, get some rest as long as you feel, and concentrate on your work-in-progress game to bring new and fresh games !
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