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Re: The Big Thing...

Subject: Re: The Big Thing...
by klesterjr on 2014/6/9 2:42:48


1) Most of the time, the sound card is found automatically. However, since that doesn’t seem to be the case for you, trying running “Prefs/Setup/ALSA Sound Wizard” and see if that helps. Sometimes, it’s just a matter of un-ticking the “mute” checkbox or raising the volume sliders. Some settings can also be accessed by right-clicking on the speaker icon in the system tray.

2) Not sure where you would download additional language packs for AmiKit. I looked at the AmiKit site myself and couldn’t find them. Jan?

3) From the “File” menu at the top when you run E-UAE, select “save config”. There is a known issue with E-UAE on Linux that causes slow downs in some situations if more than 32 megs is selected. I never saw it, but during testing, someone else did, so the memory was left at 32 megs. Netsurf wants LOTS of memory!

4) I’m not sitting in front of AmiKit at the moment, so I can’t say exactly how -- but the backdrop is changed via the DOpus environment controls, NOT the normal Amiga backdrop pref.

5) Some of the options for E-UAE can't be set from the GUI. Additional settings are controlled by a file called .uaerc that is located in the root folder (the folder that opens when you double-click the "Home" icon on the desktop). Click the "eye" in the window toolbar to show all icons. Changing the setting called "use_gui" to "no" will make AmiKit start without displaying the gui first -- most the the other settings are self-explanatory. I have never had much luck with full screen, but I am not an expert in E-UAE. Perhaps someone else can help with that.

Thanks for trying AmiPUP!
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