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SFS (68k) and recycled dir

Subject: SFS (68k) and recycled dir
by daxb on 2008/1/4 20:25:35

Hi Jörg! I hope you can tell something about.

I mentioned something strange. I add a partition (DH11) with HDInstTools 10 days ago. The whole last range of the HD. Until now I used it only for recordings with AHIRecord what writes 256kb at once (editable) to the file. That worked fine until now. Suddenly AHIRecord start writing 256kb and then hangs. I can reboot an start AHIRecord what wirts another 256kb file and hangs. On other partition (eg. DH4) it works well. I thought maybe someting is full or think so. Then I delete .recycled dir (about 8GB) on DH11 and tried AHIRecord again. Now it works. It would be a pitty if this happens again.

On my other (nearly full) partition (DH4) with SmartFilesystem 2.3 (28.09.00) I never had such a problem.

Einheit Größe Genutzt Frei Voll Fhlr Status Typ Name
DH4: 12,9G 12,3G 624,4M 95% 0 schr.-/lesbar SFS2 Rec

Here the problem partition:

Einheit Größe Genutzt Frei Voll Fhlr Status Typ Name
DH11: 27,2G 8,0G 19,3G 29% 0 schr.-/lesbar SFS0 Rec2

SFSquery information for dh11: (SFS Version 1.279)
Start/end-offset : 0x0000000b:d3234000 - 0x00000012:a1f16000 bytes
Device API : NSD (64-bit)
Bytes/block : 512 Total blocks : 57108240
Cache accesses : 30688 Cache misses : 24855 (80%)
Read-ahead cache : 8x 8192 bytes (Copyback)
Flush timeout : act. 20s - inact. 0.5s
Max Name Length : 107
DOS buffers : 150
SFS settings : [RECYCLED]

Partition start offset : 0x0000000b:d3234000 End offset : 0x00000012:a1f16000
Surfaces : 1 Blocks/Track : 324
Bytes/Block : 512 Sectors/Block : 1
Total blocks : 57108240
Device interface : NSD (64-bit)

Checking RootBlocks
Checking AdminSpaceContainers at block 2
Checking NodeContainers at block 7
Checking ObjectContainers at block 3
Checking Bitmap at block 34 (14278 blocks, 4000 bits/bitmap)
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