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Re: SFS and 4.3 GB DVDs

Subject: Re: SFS and 4.3 GB DVDs
by Deniil on 2008/5/21 10:56:59

If I may add to this:
The only downside of SFS is that there is no data recovery tool. But there is no need for such a tool IMO! The most probably cause of data loss is accidental deletion of files, and there is the .recycled undelete function for that, or the HD may physically crash and there is no recovery from that, other than to have a backup. FFS is no better at reading a destroyed disk than SFS, or atleast not better than PFS. That I know.

I have used PFS 2&3 for many years on my A1200 and now SFS since almost the beginning on my A1 and I find them very similar in speed and reliability.

I have never had any problem at all with any of them. There have been rare occasions when I have gotten a strange requester about some incorrect block with SFS but never any data loss.

Not only are PFS and SFS much faster and more reliable (since you don't loose data by accidental reboot or crash during writes, except for that which was just currently written), but they both have this .deldir/.recycled directories where you very easily can "undelete" files from, and not just the last deleted or overwritten file, but many versions back too!

I have SFS on all but one partition. Don't know why I left one as FFS2 really, guess I was unsure in the beginning. I will soon install SFS2 on my largest 150GB partition as I recently got a DVD burner.
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