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Re: Temporary freezes while reading partition

Subject: Re: Temporary freezes while reading partition
by ChrisH on 2010/8/19 19:39:06

@Severin Quote:
just quick format, any bad sectors are automatically remapped by the drive itself (which doesn't help if there's already data on dodgy sectors though).

Only half-true: HDs only remap bad blocks *when they are written to*.

Don't bin it, just chuck it in a pc or mac if you have one, my problem drive is working fine in my mac now.

This probably appears to work *because* you format it & start from scratch. Thus any bad blocks are written to before being read, thus causing them to be remapped, thus stopping the HD from having to perform slow error-correction every time it reads them.

Thus it may appear to start working again - as long as you don't get more bad sectors. (Depends on the failure mode, but I personally wouldn't risk it.)

It's nothing to do with pcs or macs being better! You could do the same trick on an Amiga, if you feel like playing Russian Roulette with your data :)
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