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Re: Late feedback on July Update :SOLVED

Subject: Re: Late feedback on July Update :SOLVED
by tonyw on 2007/8/6 11:45:51


I don't have any first-hand experience of a battery lasting only a short time. I have only had to replace mine once in its four year life.

There are many possible reasons for short battery life - Livefor it even suggested corrosion causing excessive drain. That is possible, so is corrosion in the battery holder reducing the output voltage through bad series contact. I have experienced that problem here, the battery was OK once I cleaned the contacts.

It has also been suggested that accidentally shorting the battery during installation can permanently damage it. If that is true (and I have no evidence for or against), then maybe those with short battery lives have done just that. It certainly would be easy to do if you tried to hold it with tweezers or pliers or something.

Then again there is the possibility that the real cause is something quite different - like, for instance, frequent access to the Static RAM that holds the U-Boot config variables. If something (A driver? Some 68k program?) is frequently reading the SRAM, then the supply current from the 3 V battery will increase (how much I don't know) and that could decrease the life of the battery. It's not very likely, though.


The battery is never charged by the AmigaOne, it is a primary cell.
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