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Re: ASL req: bug or feature ?

Subject: Re: ASL req: bug or feature ?
by trixie on 2011/6/5 9:26:40




* The OK, Volumes, Parent and Cancel buttons are in one group yet they have different functions and scope of operation (OK and Cancel control the entire requester, while Volumes and Parent only control the file list).

This is true but on the otherhand it makes efficient usage of screen space.

While space usage certainly is a criterion in GUI design, this particular context (the ASL filerequester) is not the case to use it as an argument and defend a wrongly designed piece of GUI. If Volumes and Parent were put in a separate row of buttons, and adjacent to the file list (which they control), the requester would only grow vertically by this single row of buttons. No big deal (we do not use 640x256 resolutions any more), and you get a more logically designed requester.



* OK and Cancel are related mutually exclusive choices yet they are separated from each other in the layout.

This is the correct thing to do, it makes it much less easy to click the wrong option by accident.

Debatable at least If I wanted to increase safety, I'd separate the two gadgets by an empty space rather than by two unrelated gadgets.



* Create New Drawer, a rather common function, is buried in the menu.

But the save requester will create drawers for you if you specify a non existant drawer in the path gadget. So no button neccessary.

Yes, just tell that to the newcomer Seriously: assumed user knowledge of a program's internal workings is one of the most common problems in software design. AmigaOS is full of that, unfortunately.

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