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Re: Public screen closing bug in OS4.1

Subject: Re: Public screen closing bug in OS4.1
by xenic on 2011/6/16 14:33:53

A program which opened a screen and made it public must be aware that visitor windows can exist and that CloseScreen can fail. In this case it has to wait until all visitor windows are gone before it closes the screen. It must not quit before the screen is closed.

That's true for programs that open their own screens and has been the case since public screens were introduced to the O.S. However, the OS4 Screens preferences program enables system created screens that are opened automatically whenever a program attempts to open on a screen with that name. Even programs that don't normally open their own public screens can be opened on a public screen that does not yet exist if the screen is defined in the Screens preferences and set to open/close automatically.
For example, I have created a screen in Screens preferences called "Internet" with the auto open/close setting selected. I have a TOOLTYPE "PUBSCREEN=Internet" set in all my Internet apps. Whenever I start one of my Internet apps, OS4 will automatically open the screen "Internet" if it is not already open. My other Internet programs will also open on the same screen once it is opened and the screen will closed automatically when the last window is closed. OS4 OWB doesn't open it's own screen. It will open on a public screen specified with the PUBSCREEN Tooltype.
The whole public screen mechanism and "Screens" created public screens work fine on my system. I don't like Ringhio and don't use it. It opens small notification messages that don't look or act like standard Amiga Windows. They are just small colored blocks with text that appear on the screen background. I think the Ringio notifications look like they belong in some other OS. There are clearly defined mechanisms for visitor windows and requesters on public screens but Ringhio messages don't act like normal windows or requesters and don't appear to be well integrated into Intuition. The problem is with Ringhio and not Intuition or Screens preferences and I think that patching CloseScreen() is a misguided attempt to compensate for a Ringhio problem. Without Ringhio, my public screens (whether program created or Screen prefs created) all work as they should. I think Ringhio should use system compliant requesters instead of the current method.
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