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Re: Public screen closing bug in OS4.1

Subject: Re: Public screen closing bug in OS4.1
by whose on 2011/6/16 18:28:04

Yeah, Ringhio seems to have some screen lock problems, but as m3x stated, this seems to be solved in the meantime.

MUI isnt really part of AmigaOS4.x, AFAIK, but it can be fixed. Good message so far

I tried to tell you and others, that CloseScreen() is working exactly as documented and expected, and that application developers should not try to do their work using lin/win developing behaviour. This means, relying on the OS to do cleanup work they (the developers) should do. Thats all.

What we should really talk about is a proper way of responding to the CloseScreen()-fail-case. As far as I see the SDK contents, there is no official procedure mentioned for giving up. For future compatibility there should be a standardized and documented procedure for handling this case, so that a possible future solution to the screen lock "freeze" will not be useless for older software.



You misinterpreted my post. I didnt argue against your patch specifically. I just stated that there is no patch needed in any case for this specific problem.

This problem results from misbehaviour of other, new, OS components (not tied to the CloseScreen() function code) or 3rd party software (that MUI still is).

I argued against the mainstream method of talking about software quirks. Did you realize that there is more and more talk about "bugs" in long term proven OS components? Public screen automatic open/close worked from the first day it was incorporated into AmigaOS, and it worked in an expected manner.

There is actually no way to close a screen a foreign process still holds a lock on, and this is absolutely correct and necessary for OS stability.

Any attempt to solve this by brute force will mess up future (and clean!) solutions.

Thats why my post was so huge... you cannot talk enough about this
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