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Re: Public screen closing bug in OS4.1

Subject: Re: Public screen closing bug in OS4.1
by broadblues on 2011/6/16 22:33:07

Further notes on my further notes:

This is by test and observation:

MUI exhibits different behaviour for MUI apps and non MUI apps.

It has a set of screens in it's database that it manages. These screens may be manually opened or closed from the MUI program ie sys:MUI/MUI

If a screen is manually opened it will stay open til it manually closed.

If any app opens it's window on that screen it can't be closed manually till that app closes it's window.

The fact that you tried to manually close it does not mean it will auto close once the app window has closed.

An MUI app may be set to open on that screen, if the screen isn't open when that app is started or uniconified MUI will open the screen for it.

When that App closes MUI will autoclose the screen again, unless another app is using it. As far as I can tell it will only autoclose a screen for the app that autoopened it. If another app even another MUI app opens on that screen then the screen is not autoclosed when the later app quits / iconifies even if that app is set to use that screen.

Thus MUI autoclosing a screen is a one off response to the closing of the open apps window.

Am I right in thinking that this is the behaviour that ChrisH thinks is abug?

It seems like a consistant behaviour to me but a differemt behaviour to the OS4 "native" screen system.
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