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Re: Post-Update 6 updates

Subject: Re: Post-Update 6 updates
by Hans on 2012/12/27 0:34:46


graffias79 wrote:
*I'm pasting this post that I made at another location because I don't like paraphrasing myself for three different forums:*

Thanks for the update to the kernel to allow PCIe use!

I wanted to post my experiences:

Envy24DT based PCIe sound card: Now Workbench does not lock when the card is inserted and the driver (Envy24HT) is loaded into AHI. The system behaves like the audio is working but nothing comes out of the card (which works fine in my linux box). As an example, TuneNet will play a song, showing the bouncing level meters and everything but audio does not come out of the card.

I believe the Envy24HT driver does not work properly with cards based on Envy24DT chips. I wonder if the driver can be updated as these Envy24DT chips can be a very inexpensive alternative to the SAM460ex onboard audio.

You are probably right about the driver not being able to support that particular chip. The driver was developed for the old PCI cards, and you're the first to try out a PCI-Express version.

EDIT: I just looked at the card that you tried, and it is actually a PCI sound card with a built-in PCI-to-PCIe bridge (just like the PCI Radeon HD cards). It's an ASM1083. So, there could still be an issue with using PCI-to-PCIe bridges with anything other than Radeon HD cards.

The other experience I had was with the Startech "PEX1PCI1" PCIe to PCI bridge adapter card. This card does not work at all with a CMI 8738 sound card that I tried and with a 3Com Prism2 Wireless adapter card. The sound card cause programs to stop responding, and the Prism2 card caused the WiFi signal monitor to completely lock the machine as soon as it was executed.

I don't know why they call it "PEX...", as it uses a Pericom chip. Try to find one based on the PEX 8112 chip, as that is what the Radeon HD PCI cards use.

Having said that, the Pericom chip should work too, as it's based on the same standard (i.e., simple setup is identical). Maybe UBoot isn't initialising the cards behind the bridge properly. Could you start a new thread about this, and post a screengrab of ranger showing the details for the sound card and/or wifi adaptor behind the bridge?

I also tried the Sii3512 card with this Startech bridge card and the system did not recognize the Sii card to boot from it.

UBoot may simply not know how to deal with an Sii 3512 behind a PCI-to-PCIe bridge. Does the Sii3512 work under AmigaOS?


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