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AmigaBounty kind of an idea but HW aligned

Subject: AmigaBounty kind of an idea but HW aligned
by Slayer on 2009/2/11 21:31:45

@Mods - Just move this or destroy it if need be :-p

I wrote this in another thread but decided perhaps it wouldn't get the expose it deserved, so here it is again in its own thread.

What always never fails to amaze me is they never seem to do what alot of people would actually pay for.

Why can't they have a few motherboard configurations with custom built options.

ie everything is upgradable/interchangable and with socket plug in replace sort of thing and the bare veins of the system and chips etc not affected by change of configurations could be surface mounted.

Surely this is truely achievable?

why don't we make a bounty sort of thing where we actually hand the money over (x amount of dollars for a certain type of configuration) and so it is held till the machine is made. The money is released when they have made the required x amount of boards and ready to send.

This way, there is no doubt people will buy them since the money is held in trust for definate purchase...

hmmm, maybe this is a good idea for one of those multi billion dollar websites for sale 5 years down the road


could be a time scale thing... we go right, who wants this type of configuration... there could be a list of 3 main ones with variables not really that important... so 3 expanded to 6 perhaps

The Amiga community has say 2 months to put there money in... a cut off time etc...

once that is up the production team begin to build x amount of 6 different types and no more...

bingo... 100% sales with 100% no risk...

Of course there will be indicators of amount verses numbers... say we can confirm 20 of x configuration... we all pay the trust of the money as if there would only be 20 sold... if it is discovered actually 30 were brought the amount would come down and everyone of those 30 would get a small amount returned... just thought the scale could be listed as well... 1-50 $1200 51-100 $1100 etc... just used 50 increments since that'll be more of a reasonable impact on potential prices... maybe 100 but hey, it's an example...

plan for the worst case scenario and perhaps a return cost later... another safe guard for the manufacturers

Perhaps this exists to a less an extent somewhere else? But I'm sure it's fesibility study driven if it does. My idea is perhaps we ask the manufacturers if this is possible or they'd be interested before anything else is decided.
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