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Re: Paypal in bounties

Subject: Re: Paypal in bounties
by joerg on 2009/10/7 19:17:48

But then you'd probably need to use banktransers,don't they charge for that aswell?
Inside the EU, and a few more European countries, with IBAN transfers: No.
(Unless you have a bank account where you have to pay for each transfer inside the same country as well, it's just forbidden to charge more for IBAN transfers than for local ones, but even in such a case it's usually just a few cents).

Outside of Europe bank transfers are often very expensive, though.

...we give money to Paypal...
I'm not sure what you mean? If i buy goods from AmigaKIt, they get the money via PayPal.
About 90-95% of it.

All the developers here at Amigans.net were paid via PayPal by me. I'm certain PP didn't keep any.
Of course they do, PayPal has extremely high fees. For example for the TIMBERWOLF bounty currently 2948.90 Euro were donated but AmigaBountly.net only got 2820.73 Euro of it, PayPal got 128.17 Euro fees already now, and if the money is transferred to the Friedens with PayPal as well there will be PayPal fees of over 100 Euro again, i.e. the total PayPal fee will be nearly 10% in this case, for bounties where the average donation sum is smaller it's even more.

There are similar online payment systems which are much cheaper and more secure, for example MoneyBookers (up to 1% fee, at most 0.50 Euro per transaction), but unfortunately it's not possible to use it with a credit card for users in the USA for some weird reason.

I'm sure there are exchange rates from US dollars to GBPounds and Euros.
PayPal charges more than others for the currency exchange as well.
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