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Re: Paypal in bounties

Subject: Re: Paypal in bounties
by Hans on 2009/10/7 22:27:54



joerg wrote:
But then you'd probably need to use banktransers,don't they charge for that aswell?
Inside the EU, and a few more European countries, with IBAN transfers: No.
(Unless you have a bank account where you have to pay for each transfer inside the same country as well, it's just forbidden to charge more for IBAN transfers than for local ones, but even in such a case it's usually just a few cents).

Outside of Europe bank transfers are often very expensive, though.

When I lived in Canada, I could transfer money to any Canadian account without fees, and to the USA for almost nothing (IIRC, I never really needed that option). Here in NZ, I can transfer money to any account in NZ and Australia. However, as soon as I go beyond Australasia, the fees kick in. The suckiest thing about wire transfers is that:
- they don't tell you how much it will cost up front, because it depends on how many banks act as intermediaries, and how much each bank skims off the top
- you have no idea how long the transaction will take to complete

Basically bank transfers are cheap/free for most people until the transfer crosses certain borders.

I'm okay with the PayPal fees, because PayPal allows donations from anywhere to be done easily and instantly. They also provide an API for tracking donations, which can be used to automatically update the donation amount, whereas most banks don't offer such options.

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