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Re: GDB update bounty?

Subject: Re: GDB update bounty?
by nbache on 2010/1/14 18:29:40



billt wrote:

a GUI would surely be good to have. Would DDD be a reasonable inclusion in a GDB bounty, or would it make more sense to have a followup bounty for the GUI?

I'm not sure. Glancing at some web pages describing DDD, it looks quite comprehensible, and it is (as usual) built using a GUI tool from the *N*X world (Tk, I think it was), so maybe a direct port is a big job. Maybe it would be wiser to suggest drawing inspiration from it for a simpler native frontend.

For me personally, I just want something which will let me see the source code in a "navigatable" way like in an editor (i.e. not line-oriented), set breakpoints and watches using the mouse, inspect variable contents by clicking and/or hovering over names in the code, and single-step, step into, trace out, run to breakpoint etc. by button clicks and/or shortcut keys (make that *and*, actually; it's useful to be able to single-step by keypress sometimes, and mouse click other times).

I suddenly remember using a fairly primitive debugger which nevertheless did all of this (AFAIR) on AIX about 10 years ago; it was called XDB, I believe.

Today I mainly use Toad for Oracle (for PL/SQL developing and debugging) and Visual Studio (for C# .NET), both good examples of the kind of user interface I find productive.

Best regards,

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