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Re: Video editing software bounty?

Subject: Re: Video editing software bounty?
by Hans on 2011/8/14 20:46:46


TSK wrote:
where is the avcodec.library source-code kept?

Csaba "Chip" Simon made it. I'm wondering is he part of Amiga community any more ?

Yes, but it's LGPL, so chip has to make the source-code available. If the code isn't in a public repository, then someone should ask him for it. We don't want to lose that code, and if he isn't working on it anymore, then at least the code would be there for someone else to take over.

I haven't seen or heard anything from chip on the Amiga forums for years.

Isn't avformat needed to handle containers as well ?! Encoders could be inside avcodec. Also if graphics.library or P96 library could handle YUV420P and other needed colour formats then we wouldn't need swscale library at all.

Yes, avformat is needed as well, which would have to be included. I've just updated the bounty description to make that clear. Ideally, we'd have one library and all of the formats and all codecs would be plugins. However, I'd be happy if we had two separate libraries that work well. I've added the option to add the encoders to the avcodec.library to the bounty; it's up to whoever wants to take it on.

Regarding YUV420P, P96's overlay can handle it, at least since the last update to AmigaOS 4.1 (I can't remember exactly when it was introduced). However, the Radeon HD driver doesn't support overlay yet, and you always need a fallback. Scaling can be done efficiently using CompositeTags, so it's just the conversion from YUV420P to RGBA that needs to be done separately.

Btw. Where's the source of the latest libffmpeg port ?

No idea.

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