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Re: MUIOWB : AmigaBounty still alive ?

Subject: Re: MUIOWB : AmigaBounty still alive ?
by kas1e on 2013/5/14 8:10:14


So, couldn't the sources be put on svn if Fab agrees on that and get power2thepeople do the bounty? I don't know if Fab wants that, just an idea.

I am not Fab, but as i understand he do not want to put sources on svn, because:
1. it will bring for him additional work with all those commits and all the stuff.
2. he works on it alone, and do not want anyone else to deral his code with all kind of stuff which he do not want to have there (like bad code, slow code or anything what anyone will think is good). I.e. its his own project, and he do not want to involve anyone. He himself do everything pretty well already, so he no need any "help".
3. he is morphos developer, so he in interest to promote morphos, and have better sw on morphos. Why he should bring the same 1:1 browser on os4, where fanboys will cry after how good os4 are, and how bad morphos are ? Till there is such brain-less lunatics show ups from time to time, that for sure will be like this.


There must be some way to get it done somehow.

Sure, just some popular and non-related to amiga bounty-system (but not kickstrter). I am sure there is plenty of them, its just i can't now scan google/forums to find out them. If any of you have time for: bring a links there.



If the sources are partly "closed" than fab or some other dev can have them on a publically not (and only to invited co-devs) available source tree.

I am not fab , but i am somehow think that he no need any "invited co-devs". Its his own project, and he no need any help. Its we , who need him and his code :)


I'm thinking github and sourceforge here...

That even not problem to choice where to host code. Deal of few minutes.


Talking of which, is a new MUIOWB due soon?

Once there will be first stable dopus5 release, i will then finish port of vpdf, and then will port what i have (1.19 or something), if, of course, fab will not give latest ones at that time. I will find out the way how to setup bounty and so on. Just with amigabounty it can be easy, but from another side is better to find some other bounty system which will not die until one loose interest and motivation :)

Just in case of interest, there is text of that bounty.
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