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Re: MUIOWB : AmigaBounty still alive ?

Subject: Re: MUIOWB : AmigaBounty still alive ?
by kas1e on 2013/5/15 6:11:50


Mmm bounty text should atleast include the latest version not an old and no more supported 1.16/1.17 release

I have in hands only 1.17, will i have or not latest one no one know. I hope that yes, but right now i have 1.17. Dunno through what you mean about unsupported, because any version is unsupported when there is new one released. At least, most of us ask about updated webkit : there it will be.


also it's not so 100% clear what would be included into the port and what's not !

There is part from bounty text:


What should be in the release:

- version 1.16 of Odyssey Web Browser
- all the stuff as in muiowb1.9: i.e. native mouse pointers, custom tabs replacement and co
- 2 binaries: svg and no svg ones (to reduce binary size, to have faster loading on start and less
memory consumption).

What will be not neccessary, but optionally (or what will or will not be added later at some point):

- threaded curl (bug in os4 tcp/ip stack, already reported, bz #8340).
- anything else.
- bugfixes.


For example latest release of Odyssey are now using some MorphOS specific like the spellchecker.library for spelling corrections, the new calltips.mcc MUI class for form filling and so on ..

That one would be ported aswell ?

I think mostly no than yes. If i will have no spellchecker.library source code and calltips.mcc, its again will be pain in the ass to make all of this from scratch. And i am no sure if morphos devs will give them to me.


And also what about HTML5 video support ?

The same as before: nothing. Nothing because fab do not give sources of it and nothing because no one from os4 devs write it or even worry about it.


but without any video support the port will still incomplete and not fun at all

Odyssey on os4 always will be worse in compare with his original. Just because fab in interest to promote another os (just my imho).

That exactly what mean "dead". I.e. "busy, no time, family, house, i want but can't". We of course all have our problems, families, houses, money-related-crap and so on, bit still, if there is no even minor priority at all, then ppls will be forced to wait years, which is unacceptable.

Because of exactly that, we need just another bounty system which not connected to amiga where everything low priority, slow and so on.

It just suck hard to ask for making bounty text for months. I understand the reasons and low motivation of course, but then we all should understand why not amigabounty. At least now. If it will be ruled again someday - good. Nope - we should have another system in backup.
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