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Re: MUIOWB : AmigaBounty still alive ?

Subject: Re: MUIOWB : AmigaBounty still alive ?
by samo79 on 2013/5/15 6:50:59


Dunno through what you mean about unsupported, because any version is unsupported when there is new one released.

As "unsupported" i meant just unsupported .. me explain; since the first 1.9 release we have reported many many bugs and features request, but nothing was done in any term in latest 2 years .. i don't ask for core update of course but atleast some bugs could be fixed in all that time

So what i meant was: After say we will have that first Odyssey 1.16/1,17 port we will have also a proper support, aka new updated versions, further bugfixes etc or that bounty means just a quick port of that version and nothing else ?

I think you should specify that

I think mostly no than yes. If i will have no spellchecker.library source code and calltips.mcc, its again will be pain in the ass to make all of this from scratch. And i am no sure if morphos devs will give them to me.

That's fine, but imho you should report all details before submit the final text, ask Fab and then write exactly what you can port and what's not, so all will be 100% clear and no bad surprise for users

And i understand his reasons. Os4 users so cry about timberwolf and how good it will be and that we no need any other browser.. And now what ? After few years i can't even run TW normally, not saying that its uber slow on my peg2 and unusable (now, there will be someone who will write such comment: it works fine for me on x1000!)

Bah all that story about how OS4 users can be so crap start to be annoying, who cry ? tell the name of such ppls .. their are single person not the entire community, atleast me not for sure .. i know exactly the current issue, current limitations of the OS, limitation on the software and so on .. strange people like that are equally distributed on both parts of the community so pls stop complain about ...
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