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Re: Youtube on AmiCygnix's NetSurf

Subject: Re: Youtube on AmiCygnix's NetSurf
by Chris on 2014/12/17 12:40:12


Yes that is expected, most programs only support ASCII with code pages, Japanese might require UTF8, and most programs can't understand that text format, or don't expect it.

What program do you try to paste the text into, that is the question.

What you're trying to copy from is also important.

Traditionally the clipboard supports IFF FTXT with the CHRS chunk to specify text in the local character set. Some software extends this by providing a CSET chunk to provide clipboard content in a different character set, but this isn't common. The preferred method now is to put UTF8 chunks on the clipboard as well as CHRS. I'm not a massive fan of this as ignoring all the CHRS chunks when a UTF8 chunk is present seems a bit outside the spirit of IFF (a new IFF UTXT format which contains UTF-8 CHRS chunks and is doubled up with a traditional IFF FTXT might be better?), but until some better standard comes along it's good enough.

NetSurf supports both of these internally (not in Reaction gadgets, which don't support UTF-8), and I believe Odyssey supports UTF8 chunks in the clipboard. (I think Qt apps support UTF-8 in the clipboard too)

AmiCygnix may well support UTF-8 internally, but it might convert to local charset on the system-wide clipboard. You can find out by inspecting the clipboard with something like IFFMaster after copying some data to it.

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