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Re: Beta testing

Subject: Re: Beta testing
by samo79 on 2013/4/24 5:41:37


Well finally i was able to extract the QT archive and then install it without errors, in short i did exactly what you suggest to me by mail and all goes well, but .. even after installed the demos and the examples included does not work, pratically all examples will crash at startup with a DSI or they ask for a missing sobjs library .. so at this condition i fear i can't test them at all ..

That's a bit sad because the latest public archive was very well packed and all examples included and the installer was properly tested and rock solid .. hope you can make the procedure solid as before !

After installed I also try real programs like Vacumm, Pencil or Flasq but it's the same, they all crash badly or ask me for some missing sobjs .. however a thing seems to work fine and it's the ScreenGrab tool !

So atleast i was able to test this one and .. WOW !
It's truly fast as any other Amiga software, still only a bit slow at startup but choosing a native font and setting all as native (from the QT prefs) the feeling is awesome for sure, not different than any other program written in MUI or Reaction, plus the QT interface is very very nice and modern

Still of course some minor issues, so let's report them:

- Sometimes (need to investigate how and why) the yellow tooltips, aka the bubble help when you put your mouse over a button will not be showed very well, a part of it will be showed and some other part not (aka like trunked), if i remember correctly this glitch was present also on the old examples availible inside the latest archive on OS4Depot

- If you open an external window (for example the about QT) still the usual auto-align issue, maybe this bad graphical effect is not so visible as before but still and would be great if you can find a fix for that ..

- On the "About ScreenGrab" window i have some problem with the tabs, sometimes to switch from a tab to another i need to press the mouse button twice (pratically randomly) while instead sometimes 1 single click is enough as it should .. maybe a little strange bug

- On the "Contact" tab (About subwindow again) there is a mailto address, if i click on it the address will be opened with the web browser (MUI OWB in my case), maybe the mail address can be opened with a mailer like YAM instead ..

- Again on ScreenGrab program, in "About ScreenGrab" subwindow --> Tab "Thanks" --> The scrollbar have some graphical glitch, there is a strange red border around the buttons (atleast using native rendering)

For an example see above the QT browser grab made by Chris

- Locale in program does not work, for example the italian translation is availible in archive but only english are detected

- (General question) In QT prefs i noted that you are using a default font by default (DejaVu Sand Condensed at 17 pts) for the future would be possible to track automatically the user fonts and use it by default ?

- Please, i know i already stress you with that, for the final release add a default iconify gadget on both QT programs/demo/example windows (and the QT prefs windows aswell), a gadget would be very usefull and it will complete the interface of the whole framework !

Well that's all for now, can say i'm very very happy about the current result, i'm just curious to try all the other examples properly once you fix the whole archive, then big and serious betatesting can be started again !

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