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Re: OWB 1.16 crash

Subject: Re: OWB 1.16 crash
by kas1e on 2014/3/4 9:51:24

Reports should be as full as possible, only then (maybe) it will any of help. I mean:


maybe this is already fixed for 1.23 but today I got a GR with Odyssey 1.16 where I hit "Ignore".

How you crashes ? Where ? What url? When ? How ? Where Crashlog ? You says GR, then it mean GreamReaper, so where stack trace and all that usual crashlog stuff ?


After a little while OWB presented me an own error requester (will upload the screenshot soon an link it here - or can pictures also be uploaded somewhere here?).

If you got a crash (i mean real crash, with GR), and hit ignore, then you already in troubles. Possible that after you have crash just some heavy memory leaks happens , odyssey fill whole memory and bang.

As for image, i assume you have something like this ?:


Unfortunately I do not know by heart where to capture the mentioned crash report from (not the one from GR but the one from OWB)!

Normal usuall crashlog are need it (that one, which you have firstly from system, not that one from odyssey), because all what happens after you hit "ignore" can do all sort of bad things.


Might this still be an issue for next version? Hopefully not!

Don't hold your hopes high, it's 50/50.

If you have in stacktrace of crashlog (i mean real crashlog, first one, system one) something like "SocketStreamHandle" somewhere, then yep, probably will be fixed. If it something else, then 50/50 as well, as can be fixed by new webkit verion (from 1.16 till 1.23 few years of commits), but can be not, depend of what kind of crash you have, and what shown in the real os4 crashlog.

As for that owb crash-window, i there also do nothing, and never looks at this, probably it need some os4 adaptation as well to make all those buttons works at all in that window, dunno.

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