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Re: OS4 and home network
Just popping in
2006/12/5 2:30
From Vancouver, Canada
Posts: 155

ancalimon wrote:
Isn't there some kind of networking standard?

Way back when, Apple had Appletalk, Amiga had Envoy, Microsoft had SMB.

Appletalk is now dead (see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AppleTalk) and Apple has support for SMB as well as AFP.

Amiga Envoy is dead. SMB support has been provided through third-party ports for quite some time. It would be nice if SMB support was integrated into the out-of-the-box install of OS4, but it is all down to time and resources.

In this Windows-dominated world both Apple and Amiga have both adopted SMB greatly aided by the open-source SAMBA project. More SMB info here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Server_Message_Block

There is a good wiki writeup on Amiga networking here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amiga_In ... d_communications_software

TMI? You bet!

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Re: OS4 and home network
Home away from home
2007/5/19 13:23
Posts: 2815
@ancalimon Quote:
Isn't there some kind of networking standard?

There are lots of "standards": FTP, Samba, etc. But Microsoft don't like to use standards, so people end-up having to reverse-engineer whatever protocol Microsoft use. That is a really big task, and may need repeating for every new release of Windows.

So yes, AmigaOS4 could have easy networking "out of the box" with other AmigaOS4 machines, but that wouldn't be very useful. OTOH, if you want AmigaOS4 to easily network with Windows, that is a major job... which could be broken by every new release of Windows.

Author of the PortablE programming language.
I love using Amiga OS4.1 on my A1-X1000 & Sam440
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Re: OS4 and home network
Not too shy to talk
2008/12/20 17:26
Posts: 254
Anyone played with home media players / streamers like AppleTV or Roku?
How do they play with Amiga devices?

AppleTV vs Roku
A vs R #2
Info from Roku

btw. about samba and M$ networking...
We should have something better to use in every computer.
Samba is pathetically slow also on 1.7 Ghz x86 systems.
It takes ages for linux to figure out network shares, for example from Lacie NAS.

Edited by KimmoK on 2012/1/6 14:05:31
- Kimmo
"PowerPC Operating Systems can use a microkernel architecture with all it�s advantages yet without the cost of slow context switches." - N. Blachford
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Re: OS4 and home network
Quite a regular
2008/1/6 17:56
From Pennsylvania, USA
Posts: 773
What do Amiga devices have to do with media streamers? They connect to the Internet and stream media to your TV, right? Most of the new Bluray players have ethernet and wireless connectivity. The problem is that it's all commercialized and each player has contracts with different media providers. I bought a Sony Bluray player that connects through wireless to my router and can stream from a lot of the same media providers as are shown for the Roku. The player even has a builtin WEB browser. Unfortunately, they don't provide a mouse input and browsing with a remote control sucks. Ironically, Sony's BluRay WEB browser freezes on Amiga sites like Amigans.net. A lot of the new generation of TV's have Internet wireless connectivity for streaming media. I think computers are being pushed out of the picture when it comes to media streaming.

Amiga X1000 with 2GB memory & OS 4.1FE

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