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OS 4.1 IDE Zip drive
Quite a regular
2006/11/27 14:35
From Nantes, France
Posts: 863
As suggested by tonyw in another thread I'm starting this new thread to talk about IDE Zip drives.

I recently (after installing OS 4.1) get out of my desktop's drawer my old ZIP disks and I have experienced some strange things : sometimes the system refuses to go down a drawer (both from WB and from DOpus4) giving me a lock error IIRC. If you wish I can try to reproduce it and give you more details in order to fill a bug report, just let me know.
Also I have experienced problem (only after the above error IIRC) when ejecting the ZIP disk and reinstering a new one with same name : the icon of the first disk still remains on the WB and no new icon pop up for the new disk...

Oh and I almost forgot to say that disks are MSDOS formatted (I used them to transfer Aminet programs from work to home when I only had a slow time limited dialup connection).

Back to a quiet home... At last
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Re: OS 4.1 IDE Zip drive
Just popping in
2008/1/8 15:28
From Dublin, Ireland
Posts: 218

Are the disks perfectly readable on the PC? I can't imagine too much could be wrong with the IDE device if it works fine for CD-ROM etc. Are you sure that the Zip supports the DMA/PIO setting on that channel? Have you tried setting it to PIO-0? I think if a disk is busy when it is removed (as it would be if there are "stuck" locks on it), it is normal for this sort of behaviour. The icon remains, and Workbench doesn't see a need for a second icon when the same volume name is inserted into the same drive...

Engineers do it with precision.
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Re: OS 4.1 IDE Zip drive
Quite a regular
2006/11/24 13:43
From Long Riston, East Yorkshire.
Posts: 754

Do a search for zip drive threads.
I had lots of problems with prior OS4 updates, and haven't looked it since OS4.1

Peter Swallow

Eyetech A1XE-G3 800Mhz OS4.1
Towered A1200 OS3.9
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