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CDTV: what can I add to it?
Just popping in
2006/11/27 11:55
From London
Posts: 35
I have a completely stock CDTV which I'd like to connect to my living room TV via VGA or HDMI to play old games. What current hardware can I add to it to expand it? I'd like to add a CF slot to boot WB and run WHDload games on it so presume I'd need more memory.

I still have the joystick port schematics so can make an adapter up easily.

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Re: CDTV: what can I add to it?
Just popping in
2006/11/27 16:55
Posts: 224

Kipper2K makes RAM boards with a CF adapter built in. You can have either 4MB or 8MB and are very reasonably priced.


He also has a flashrom in the works which can hold 2 different ROMs.


An A500 accelerator is also planned which will use the Vampire 600 core and should give similar speed to a 68060 but will be fairly low price. No idea if this will fit in a CDTV or have the IDE capabilities or how long it will take before it's available but you could always send him an email.

If your CDTV is ECS then you could get the Indivision ECS scandoubler. It's not currently available at the moment though.

http://amigakit.leamancomputing.com/c ... _info.php?products_id=918

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Re: CDTV: what can I add to it?
Not too shy to talk
2007/1/6 5:59
Posts: 250
You are fro England? You can easily connect CDTV to your LCD-TV with SCART.

First thing to do is get upgrade to your CDTV extended roms, so that you can use newer kickstart (3.1). Look them from ebay/amibay.

You can get scsi controller from Amibay http://www.amibay.com/showthread.php? ... -SCSI-Do-It-Yourself-Sets

Word of warning about Kipper2k's ram + ide with cdtv. It is not that easy install to cdtv than it is to A500. First you need to replace some capasitors to get case closed. Ram is needed to add manually, ie. it wount be useable without addram command. Also needed signals (for ide) are not that easy to get than with A500.

I know because I bought one to my CDTV, in the end I installed it to my A500 Computer.

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