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NetSurf problems
Just popping in
2006/12/18 1:32
From Hawaii
Posts: 196
I am one of the few Usenet hanger-ons to the sci.lang.japan group, which I access the only way I know how: through AmiCygnix > Sylpheed.

Many of the posts include, or are in, Japanese, which comes out OK. But I hadn't been able to think of a way to post in that language. Then I had a thought: Use Gate2Home in AmiCygnix > NetSurf, and copy the text over. Except typing in Gate2Home in the supposedly Japanese keyboard produces no Japanese.

Then I had another thought: I'd use the e-mail function of Gate2Home in Odyssey, where Japanese comes out just fine, e-mail the text to myself, read it via my e-mail account at gmail.hawaii.edu with AmiCygnix's NetSurf, and copy the text over to sci.lang.japan.

Except trying to get gmail.hawaii.edu with that NetSurf gets me "SSL certificate problem / NetSurf failed to verify the details presented below. / Certificate chain." Beneath that, a light blue-filled rectangle, and accept and reject buttons. "Accept" gets me to an error message from the UH system. (http://gmail.hawaii.edu just brings up a log-in screen, so you can try it yourself.)

It might seem that this is an AmiCynix problem (and in fact I intend to copy this to that forum), but I cannot get my e-mail through the OS4 NetSurf either, with a difference: this one takes me straight to the UH ITS error message, nothing said about certificates.

Is there anything I can do to fix the AmiCynix NetSurf problem?

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Re: NetSurf problems
Amigans Defender
2006/11/17 22:40
From England
Posts: 2862

Which version of OS4 NetSurf are you using? Can you try it with the latest CI build? http://ci.netsurf-browser.org/builds/amiga/

edit: I've just tried it with CI build 2061, which is recent, and get the same thing. Please can you raise it at http://bugs.netsurf-browser.org

Edited by Chris on 2014/8/29 18:26:25
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